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Trevarrow Ace Hardware Unveils Painting Project Ideas That Will Make Your Home Dazzle

Every little bit helps when improving your home, especially when it comes to sprucing up the interior. However, cosmetic enhancements like buying new home furnishings, remodeling rooms and adding finishes can be expensive, time consuming and difficult to master.  With these simple and cost effective painting tips and projects from Ace Hardware, you can update the style and d├ęcor of your home with ease, and at little cost.

Painting Project Ideas for Any Budget:

  • Keep it Simple: Neutral colors like whites convey an aura of simplicity, purity and cleanliness, as well as create a sensation of openness. Whites work well in kitchens, bathrooms and smaller spaces.
  • Get Tough with Paint: High gloss paints are great for high-traffic areas because they provide a tough, washable finish that also resists water and grease. Use them on kitchen and bathroom walls, kitchen cabinets, banisters and railings, trim work, furniture, doorjambs and windowsills.
  • Mistakes Happen: Camouflage architectural defects by using neutral paint colors that blend with neutral walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Get the Most Out of Your Space: Make a long, narrow room seem wider by painting the shorter walls a darker color than the longer walls.
  • Widen Your Color Palette: When considering paint colors, blues, greens and purples are calming, contemplative colors, perfect for favorite retreats like bedrooms and libraries. Blue evokes harmony and peace, while green suggests safety, nature and revitalization.

Do-It-Yourself Painting Tips:

  • Painting Prep: Prior to starting your painting project, smooth over cracks and other surface imperfections with spackle and a putty knife, and then sand it down to make it smooth. Take a look at the surface from an angle with a good work light to reveal any imperfections that may need attention before you get rolling.
  • The Right Brush, for the Perfect Paint: For latex paint, synthetic-fiber brushes in a variety of flat and angled tips are the best paint brushes to use for trim and detail work because they allow you to be more precise when painting.
  • Invest Now, Save Later: It’s good to invest in highest quality roller covers and brushes for painting projects.  A good hard-core roller cover and roller cage will reduce the appearance of brush strokes and will speed your painting project.

For more information, visit Trevarrow Ace Hardware your neighborhood Ace Hardware store or go to our Helpful Tips to learn more about Ace products as well as DIY tips.